3 - 7 November 2014 with partner

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New concept: personalize your own workshop program

Tango- & Milonga-holiday on the Island of Terschelling from 3 - 7 November 2014 in a characteristic hotel a the beach, totally reserved for our tangogroup! Only place for 12 couples. Classes in two small groups. And a lot of personal attention. Every day a choice of 3 compact intensive workshops (choices from 2x technique, 2x tango, 2x milonga). Every day a chance to practice in the práctica and each evening a joyfull milonga night. And all this on the beautiful Island of Terschelling! For the workshop offer look here.

All benefits at a glance

  • atmospheric hotel at the beach, exlusively reserved for the tango group
  • enjoying the Waddenisland at the border of pristine nature, saline air, and beautiful views
  • personal & homely organisation
  • a lot of personal attention in every class
  • beautiful wooden dance floor 24/7
  • stay in the hotel with breakfast included
  • personalize your own workshop-program (every day choices over 4 workshops tango/milonga)
  • every day 2x técnica new method
  • incl. all milonga-nights (4 nights of salon)
  • professional teachers with good didactic skills and great amount of experience as teachers and organizers
  • tango salon style, relaxed embracement, with focus on musicality and feeling, creativity  and character
  • enjoying during these time of a beautiful dark sky
  • extra workshop for chocoholics on Wednesday afternoon

Hotel at the seaside

We stay at this nice hotel directly at the beach! We have every day 24/7 the dancefloor for our tango group, a classical wooden floor (with fishbone motif from the early thirties) is soft for your feet!

Extra workshop 'Make your own Island Bonbons'

For chocolate lovers and chocoholics we a organize an extra workshop making 'Island Bonbons' on Wednesday afternoon 5th of November, from 14hr untill 17hr at Terschelling. The bonbons you make have each one their own story. You will taste the special traditions of Terschelling. After the workshop you can take home your own make bonbons made of pure ingredients. A feast of chocolate!!! www.eilandbonbons.nl

Dark Sky Terschelling, enlightment for starlovers

Unique in the Netherlands: the intense dark sky of Terschelling, where you see the stars, planets, the milkyway and the meteor showers. An enlightment for the star lovers! www.darkskyterschelling.nl

PURO Tango? PUUR Terschelling!

Of course we would like to show you this beautiful site of Puur Terschelling. For more information and things to do on Terschelling (if you after the midweek you decide to stay a couple of days).

Nature Reserve Boschplaat

Read more about the enchanting nature reserve 'Boschplaat' on Terschelling!


Register with dance partner
No dance partners? Mail us with your length, age and level: info@mariano-cosima.com

Workshop Range of Choices

New concept: personalize your own workshop program

New concept: personalize your own workshop program, which consist of 2 workshops of 60 min. each (tango or milonga), and 2 workshop of 30 min. (technique & feeling). This way you even choose to do only milonga all week if you like, or only tango workshop. And everything in between!

Monday 3 November 2014

  • you can check in as of 12:00 h
  • 13:00 h lunch (optional, if you arrive early)
  • leasure time
  • 15:00 h welcome drink & opening-práctica
  • 16:30 h workshop TECNICA
  • 17:00 h workshop 1a MILONGA 'FLOREOS'
  • 18:00 h workshop 1b TANGO 'CALECITAS Y PLANEOS'
  • 19:00 h dinner
  • 21:00 h festive opening-salon

Tuesday 4 November 2014

  • breakfast
  • 10:30 h TECNICA
  • 11:00 h workshop 2a TANGO SACADAS I
  • 12:00 h workshop 2b MILONGA 'EL AVIONCITO'
  • 13:00 h lunch
  • leasure time / práctica
  • 16:30 h TECNICA
  • 17:00 u workshop 3a TANGO 'VARIACIÓNES CON VOLEOS'
  • 18:00 u workshop 3b MILONGA 'VIRTUOSIDAD'
  • 19:00 u dinner
  • 21:00 u salon

Wednesday 5 November 2014

  • breakfast
  • 10:30 h TECNICA
  • 11:00 h workshop 4a MILONGA 'ADORNOS Y ESTILO'
  • 12:00 h workshop 4b TANGO 'GIROS CON ENROSQUES'
  • 13:00 h lunch
  • leasure time / práctica
  • 14:00 - 17:00 h WORKSHOP 'EILAND BONBONS' (optional, for chocoholics)
  • 18:00 h PRACTICE CLASS with Mariano & Cosima
  • 19:00 h dinner
  • 21:00 h salon

Thursday 6 November 2014

  • breakfast
  • 10:30 h TECNICA
  • 11:00 h workshop 6a TANGO 'SACADAS II'
  • 12:00 h workshop 6b MILONGA 'VARIACIONES CON CRUCES'
  • 13:00 h lunch
  • leasure time / práctica
  • 16:30 h TECNICA
  • 17:00 h workshop 7a TANGO 'VARIACIONES CON MORDIDAS'
  • 18:00 h workshop 7b MILONGA 'MOVIMIENTOS CIRCULARES'
  • 19:00 h dinner
  • 21:00 h salon (milonga despedida)

Friday 7 November 2014

  • breakfast
  • goodbye 11:00 hr

TÉCNICA - new method

Every day we offer two technique workshops. These classes are based on a new teaching method, developed by Cosima. The emphasis is to exhance the feeling. In regular tango classes the teachers and student talk, and movements are copied with a lot of verbal explanation, and from this combination the student has to make the transtion to do the step and to the feeling. Chances are that you choke in thoughts. For sure every student recognize this feeling to a certain degree. 

This new method will help you go directly to your feeling, and to stay in your feeling. Cosima uses several approaches, that help you to stay in your feeling, and block 'in your head'. You can consider this as an active meditation. And you will notice the difference in your dancing already after one class.

In this holiday on Terschelling the strength lies in the routine: every day a short focus on technique. And besides that you can choose from 4 different workshops of a 2 hour: 2x tango, 2x milonga. If you want to dance a whole week milonga, you can choose that, a mix is also possible, or only tangoworkshops. So you can choose what is right for you on that moment.


Price for tango-milonga-holiday, included hotel, all lessens, prácticas and salons: 395,- p.p.


Register with dance partner
No dance partners? Mail us with your length, age and level: info@mariano-cosima.com


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